Decades of intensive use proved the durability of our products
and ensured the longevity of the equipment
lubricated by the Pollard pumps.

As a vital global sector, agriculture is frequently subject to a number of natural hazards that leave little room for technical failures. Having proved their efficiency and reliability for decades, Pollard pumps continue to equip thousands of agricultural machines worldwide in applications as sensitive as transmission lubrication and gearbox cooling.

In agriculture the equipment is often subject to extreme operating conditions. In such conditions, the Pollard pumps make difference regarding their reliability and their capacity to transfer cold or hot oils without cavitation.

This advantage is the result of the «CMtec » technology which allows an outstanding volumetric efficiency level; the equipment remains optimally lubricated even in extreme weather conditions.

The Pollard design office tests the pumps for agriculture use applying the security coefficients, this makes our pumps reliable, highly robust and going far beyond the maximum harsch conditions.

The performances and durability of the Pollard pumps contributes to the proper running of the agriculture equipment either within gearbox lubrication of the rotavator mounted on the tractor, or installed directly in the tractor’s transmission.

Pompes Pollard PZ92-0001-ISO

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