Design office

Pollard Pumps

Design Office

Pollard Pumps’ design office’s mission is to ensure the technical support. In this context, its activity includes various aspects, such as: products development orchestration, products qualification tests, assessment of technically complex offers, technical and research watch, implementation of the industrialization procedures, etc.

The Pollard design office’s know-how is developed by a team of 4 experienced engineers able to carry out technical projects.

To simplify the conception process and to increase its reliability and speed, the Pollard’s client deals only with one professional, who provides answers to all his questions and personally handles every aspect of his matter.

Today’s Pollard’s success in the forefront industries such as Nuclear, Defense or Railways, as well as its success in common industrial applications, such as lubrication or transfer, prove the relevance of this approach which remains however strictly supervised as well as the other departments of our society.

The Pollard Pumps design office disposes a variety of modern and perfectly adequate tools for rapid prototyping as well as for series industrialization. Some of them are developed internally while others are selected to meet certain strict criteria.

Mechanical dimensioning

Internally developed software for mechanical dimensioning of hydraulic pumps conception

CAO 3D & FAO tools

used by the metrology department for technical drawings and by the production department in the numerical control machines

Simulation software

Structural mechanics simulation software, thermal or vibration analyis software (1 Solidworks licence)

ERP software

Document management system, products database administration and project planning

Instrumented test platform

5 test benches depending on the tested flow

Huge documentary database

results of a large number of tests; an impressive standards library progressively created for all our application areas (railways, welding, mechanical design)