POLLARD has been successful in the following areas...

Wind power

In its constant quest for innovation, POLLARD has developed exclusive technology to meet the operating constraints of wind farms worldwide positioning itself as the player of choice on this growing market. POLLARD technology is used by these power stations for gear and bearing lubrication.


Equipment robustness, reliability, longevity, space constraints, thermal amplitude, and energy efficiency are some of the constraints that POLLARD pumps, adapted for railway use, help meet. Our pumps are used in diesel flow and oil circulation.



As a vital global sector, agriculture is frequently subject to a number of natural hazards that leave little room for technical failures. Having proved their efficiency and reliability for decades, POLLARD pumps continue to equip thousands of agricultural machines worldwide in applications as sensitive as transmission lubrication and gearbox cooling.


Used in conditions as extreme as those in the mining industry, POLLARD pumps installed in hydraulic filtration plants are trusted tools that ensure sustainable performance during delicate operations.