Standard Range

Pollard Standard Range

The Pollard catalogue consists of pumps and electric pumps, covering a range of displacements of between 0.5 and 500cm³ per rotation with a maximum pressure of 10 bars.

All our models are equipped with Pollard’s exclusive CMtec technology. Over the years our technology has become a benchmark in Fluid transfer, Lubrication of gears and gear trains, Filtration units, Circulation in temperature regulators...

With just a few clicks you can now select the Pollard pump or electric pump model* for your particular needs and download its data sheet and a 3D model (compatible with most design software).

* For any requirement not listed in the catalogue, on request a feasibility study will be conducted by our research department.

1 to 8 cm³/rotation:

10 to 25 cm³/rotation :

30 to 67 cm³/rotation :

82 to 142 cm³/rotation :

258 to 516 cm³/rotation :

Micro motorpumps :