In the agricultural sector equipment is subject to operating conditions which are sometimes severe. This is where Pollard pumps make a difference, through their ability to convey oils at varied temperature ranges, without cavitating, and with complete reliability.

This advantage relates to their exclusive "CMtec" technology, which delivers the ability to convey cold and viscous oils, or hot and fluid oils, combined with higher volumetric efficiency than the competition, thereby guaranteeing optimum lubrication of the equipment, even in extreme climatic conditions.

The Pollard design office dimensions agricultural sector pumps with safety coefficients enabling them to withstand more than once the maximum constraints to which they are subjected, making them very robust.

Whether to lubricate the gearboxes of rotavators coupled to the tractor, or directly installed in the heart of the tractor's transmission itself, the performance and robustness of Pollard pumps help produce agricultural machinery which operates correctly.

Tens of years of intensive use have proved the pumps' long lifetimes, meaning that machinery lubricated by Pollard pumps will have long lifetimes.

Pompes Pollard PZ92-0001-ISO

Thousands of agricultural machines

across the world are fitted with Pollard pumps for applications as sensitive as transmission lubrication and cooling of gearboxes.

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