“Repowering” of wind farms

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"Repowering" of wind farms

Although these days landscapes with wind turbines have become a common sight in our part of the world, it should be remembered that this is a recent phenomenon. In France, it is only since 2001 that the first turbine fields have been connected to the grid.

The "repowering" project has now started.

Against this background, in the last two years the first generation of wind turbines, often with modest power ratings, have however come to the end of their guaranteed price generation purchase period. The "repowering" project is now started. 

In the historic sites where the first wind farms were installed, but also in the farms which are currently under construction, an attempt is now being made to find a new profitability, taking the tangible form of turbines which are more powerful than in the past (on average 50% of additional installed power compared to the first facilities), with a longer lifetime (35 years required currently, compared to 20 years in 2005).

At the tops of the pylons good lubrication and good fluid transfer are factors in favour of reliability of the reducers and of the power conversion systems, and over the last decade Pollard has successfully adapted its pumping solutions to these new constraints being faced by industrial companies in this sector.

Pollard R&D

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The results of our work applied to all our ranges:

Performance specifications

Operation with equal hydraulic performance over a very wide range of fluid viscosities. The optimised suction capacity allows cold pumping of fluids which are close to their pour points. In addition, the constant performance is combined with a low variation of the pumps' volumetric efficiency, whatever the viscosity or back pressure. In practice, this results in a controlled hydraulic lash and therefore a controlled industrialisation process. This is why 100% of Pollard pumps are designed and manufactured internally.

Reverse +

A more resilient reversibility system which is independent of the viscosity of the fluids used (no risk of cold adherence when the fluids are viscous, or of inefficiency when hot, when the liquids are very fluid).

Feedback from experience

Maintenance-free operational duration roughly equivalent to the lifetime required for the wind farms, under satisfactory conditions of use. Pollard has feedback from experience of over 70 years in relation to lubrication of reducers.

Acoustic optimisation

Acoustic optimisation contributing to a substantial reduction of the noise caused by the drive systems.


Greater possibilities for interfacing and retrofitting in order to facilitate integration to replace the pumping solutions present in the market.


Recycling capability developed due to the company's experience in the rail and motor vehicle fields.

Additional interfaces

Interfaces in addition to conventional mechanical and hydraulic mounting systems, to facilitate predictive maintenance operations, using vibratory or thermal analyses.

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