Design office

Pollard Pumps

Design Office

Within Pollard the design office is in charge of delivery of technical assistance missions. In this area, its actions range from orchestration of the development phases to product qualification tests, and including costing of complex technical proposals, technology monitoring and technological research, and also the installation of industrialisation procedures.

Pollard's design office has succeeded in developing its expertise over the years around a team of seasoned professionals, all engineers or design technicians, and all of whom are capable of leading technical projects to successful outcomes.

To simplify and accelerate the design process, and improve its resilience, Pollard clients have a single key contact for technical matters, who can answer all their questions, and deal personally with each aspect of their project. Currently, recent successes in the most advanced fields, such as nuclear, defence and rail, and for more common industrial applications such as lubrication and transfer, show the effectiveness of this approach. It is however supervised, like all the company's activities, by strict quality management processes.

The Pollard design office can now use modern resources which are perfectly adapted to its core activity, relating equally to rapid prototyping and series industrialisation over several decades.

Dimensioning applications

developed internally for mechanical and hydraulic design of pumps and fluid circuits

3D CAD application and CAM tools

used by the metrology department for technical design, and by production to control the digitally controlled machines

Simulation application

simulating mechanics of structures, and for thermal and vibratory analysis (1 Solidworks Simulation licence for finite element analysis).

ERP-type applications

supporting documentary management, administration of the product database and project planning

Instrumented testing platform

5 test benches, each dedicated in accordance with the characteristics of the flows which are produced

Large documentary database

of many test results, and an impressive library of standards, which has been created as applications have been addressed over the years