Light products

Light hydrocarbon products

Pollard has recently developed a range of pumps dedicated to light hydrocarbon products such as gasoline, kerosene, etc.

The design of these pumps is adpated (materials of vane and bearing) to transfer products with viscosity less than 10 cSt.

These pumps can be operated in explosive areas (ATEX Ex II 1 GD certificate)

Pumps for light hydrocarbon products

transfer products with viscosity less than 10 cSt.

Product specifications

Flow range: 1 to 60 l / min

Suction capacity: -0.15 bar nominal Differential pressure: up to 3 bar

Options on request

Integrated and easily adjustable safety bypass

Complete ATEX distribution unit (box, trolley, filter, connectors, etc.)

Possible applications

On-board and static transfer

Embedded and static unloading

Measured flow

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