Pollard team at EXPO Ferroviaria 2017

Pollard team attended the Fiera Milano at the beginning of October.

EXPO Ferroviaria 2017 is the only exhibition in Italy devoted to the railway sector.

The event is devoted to all sectors in railway technology. Besides producers from the leading technological fields in rolling stock, rails and infrastructures, signage and communications, the fair also represents a showcase for the suppliers of many other specialised products, including equipment for vehicle maintenance, ticketing systems, electronics and cabling for railway applications.

Pollard Pumps for Wind Power

Pollard pumps are used in wind power stations for gearbox lubrication and bearing lubrication.

Even cold or hot oil : good lubrication

The monobloc blades «CMtec» technology allows the pump running within a very large oil viscosity range. This advantage maintains an optimal lubrication of the wind turbin transmission, even if the oil is cold (viscous) or hot (fluid). The wind turbin annual running period is extended which improves its profitability.


30% more compact: more power in less volume

With the monobloc blades «CMtec» technology the pump is 30% more compact comparing to a gear pump with an equal capacity. This advantage makes the transmission itself smaller, which is required for the wind turbins.

The AUTO-REVERSE pumps: gearbox always lubricated

The «Reverse plus» system allows the pump to keep the same flow direction (constant in/out ports), whatever the direction of rotation of the pump shaft. This system maintains the transmission lubrication even when, under certain conditions, the wind turbin blades reverse their sense of rotation.


Easy and quick customer service: your performance is up

To simplify the conception process and to increase its reliability and speed, the Pollard’s client deals only with one professional, who provides answers to all his questions and personally handles every aspect of his matter.

New website Pollard Pumps is online

With a fresh look and new graphics, layout and content, to offer an improved service and functionality. In just a click, it is possible to access out products and applications.

We are always available, ready to assist you, provide specific details and the requested assistance.