Pollard has distinguished itself in the nuclear sector since the first French nuclear power stations started, in the mid-60s.

In these power stations Pollard pumps are installed to convey the oil for lubricating the mechanical transmissions, but also the fuel of the emergency generator sets.

The cooling liquid of the "Ultimate Diesel Generator" motors is also one of the fluids conveyed when the expansion vessels of the internal combustion engine are topped up.

Some pumps and equipment supplied by Pollard pumps are "safety" classified, and are therefore subject to very strict design, manufacture, checking and inspection protocols. These processes include manufacturing monitoring which is directly supervised by the inspectors of the power stations operators. All data obtained is put in an end-of-manufacture report given to the client.

In fact, all personnel of the company Pollard are trained in the constraints of the nuclear field, and work in close partnership with its clients to guarantee a level of quality, traceability and safety complying with the requirements.

Example application:

Usage Fuel (Diesel) Supply
Flow rate
2000 L/hour
Pressure 2.3 bar (safety bypass incorporated in the pump)
 Example application
Supply of "Ultimate Diesel Generators"

Pollard products are used in all French nuclear power stations

Since the 1960s

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