P225 Series

P225 Series

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From 6 m³/h to 20 m³/h at 10 bar
For viscous liquids
Lubrication – Cooling - Transfer


  • A discharge pressure of 10 bar allowing to use longer hoses
  • CMtec technology allows the transfer of lubricating fluids with a wide viscosity range (4 to 5000 cSt)
  • An adjustable flow according to your needs (several displacement available)
  • Very good volumetric efficiency at all speeds (maximum speed of 1500 RPM)


  • Easier maintenance thanks to its cartridge system (Rotor, Stator, Vanes)
  • Very compact
  • Reversible direction of rotation
  • Direct drive by 1500, 1000 or 750 RPM
  • Automatic alignment of pump shaft on hydraulic lantern motor


  • Equipped with a By-pass to regulate the outlet pressure
  • Easy to maintain


Construction Cast iron, Steel
Vanes 3 vanes in treated steel
Bearings Two roller bearings
Mechanical seals Stainless steel – Carbon – FKM
By-Pass By-pass optional
Static seals FKM
Flange SAE Ø50 or ISO DN50 PN16
Weight 20 kg with by-pass


  • Pump only or motor-pump
  • Different hydraulic flanges available (SAE ou ISO)
  • By-pass with custom tare pressure up to 10 bar