MP 165-665

MP 165-665

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From 15 m³/h to 60 m³/h at 10 bar

Oil, Lubricant liquids, Grease, Water and Glycol, Petroleum liquids

Lubrication – Cooling - Transfer

The 165 to 665 cm3/rotation range pumps and motorpumps are designed to pump lubricating fluids (oil, diesel oil, etc.). The flow rate is from 250 to 1000 L/min, for a working pressure up to 10 Bar.

The Pollard «CMtec» technology guarantees good volumetric efficiency, good suction capacity and the ability to pump viscous fluids. These robust industrial pumps are designed to provide continuous service for many years.

Pollard can also offer units with heat engine, consult us.

  • A discharge pressure of 10 bar allowing to use longer hoses
  • CMtec technology allows the transfer of lubricating fluids with a wide viscosity range (4 to 5000 cSt)
  • An adjustable flow according to your needs (several displacement available)
  • Very good volumetric efficiency at all speeds (maximum speed of 1500 RPM)

  • Easier maintenance thanks to its cartridge system (Rotor, Stator, Vanes)
  • Very compact
  • Reversible direction of rotation
  • Direct drive by 1500, 1000 or 750 RPM
  • Automatic alignment of pump shaft on hydraulic lantern motor

  • Equipped with a By-pass to regulate the outlet pressure
  • Easy to maintain
Flow range 250 - 1000 L/min
Speed rotation range, rpm 200 - 1 500*
Fluid viscosity range 1 – 10000* cSt
Suction capacity -0,5 bar
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Integrated bypass
Standard setting of bypass 5 bar
Standard operating temperature -20 / +150 °C
Body and stator material Cast iron
Shaft and Blade material Hardened steel
Max. size of hard particles 200 μm
Acoustic pressure 80 dB
Seal type Mechanical seal
Bearing material Steel
Flanges DN80 ISO PN16 (Option SAE DN80)
Weight Depending on the motorization