Pumps and Motor pumps: 165 to 665 cm3/rotation

Standard range : Pumps and motor pumps 165 to 665 cm3/rotation

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The 165 to 665 cm3/rotation range pumps and motorpumps are designed to pump lubricating fluids (oil, diesel oil, etc.). The flow rate is from 250 to 1000 L/min, for a working pressure up to 10 Bar. The Pollard «CMtec» technology guarantees good volumetric efficiency, good suction capacity and the ability to pump viscous fluids. These robust industrial pumps are designed to provide continuous service for many years.

* For all requests not included in the catalogue, a feasibility analysis will be undertaken by our design office on request.

Performance of our products depends on their installation. Please contact us for approval.

Pollard can also offer units with heat engine, consult us.

Pollard catalogue 2021 - from 165 to 665 cm3/rotation

Pollard Pumps - P165-665 Series