Power transmission

As part of its permanent quest for innovation, Pollard has developed an exclusive technology to respond to the operational constraints of gearbox manufacturers, and by so doing has become a key player in this constantly growing market.

The Pollard technology is used to lubricate reducers and their bearings within many domains : Windpower and Industrial Gearbox; Marin and Railway engines; Agriculture machinery; Ski lifts…

Pollard pumps work in difficult conditions (Temperatures down to -40°C) and are designed to fit gearboxes up to 7MW

Pollard pumps have 3 significant advantages over the other competing technologies:


+100 000

pumps for lubrication of reducers already sold

Rotational direction

The "Reverse plus" system enables the pump to keep its operating direction, regardless of the rotational direction of the pump shaft. This feature means that the transmission is lubricated even when the blades of the wind turbine reverse their rotational direction in certain circumstances.

Viscosity range

"CMtec" technology allows the pump to operate over a very wide range of oil viscosities. This advantage allows satisfactory lubrication of the wind turbine's transmission, even when the oil is very cold or very hot. The wind turbine's annual operating time is increased, which improves its profitability.


"CMtec" technology with monobloc blades means that a pump can be designed which is approximately 30% more compact, compared to a gear pump of equivalent capacity. This advantage means that the transmission itself can be made more compact, which is always desirable for wind turbines.

For all these reasons major manufacturers of transmissions for wind turbines have trusted Pollard for many years.


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