Missile launchers, Navy ships, submarines, all-terrain vehicles, radar antennae, armoured vehicles and fuel supply equipment and test benches for aircraft: Whatever the type of military hardware, Pollard Pumps has a pumping solution suitable for the required reliability and performance constraints.

The defence sector has always formed part of Pollard Pumps' research and development programme. Our design office works closely with the equipment manufacturers, working to their constraints of robustness, compactness and resistance, under often extremely severe conditions of use.

The fluids conveyed by Pollard pumps in this sector are for the most part oil, for lubrication of transmissions, gears, bearings, rotational guidance mechanisms, but also kerosene for fuelling helicopters or Skydrol™ for test benches during aircraft maintenance and inspection operations.

Example application:

Usage Lubrication of the rotary turret
Flow rate 100 Litres per hour
Pressure 5 bar
Example application Lubrication of radar antennae turrets

For more than 70 years

on land, under the sea and in the air, Pollard pumps have helped defence resources of armies across the world to operate correctly.

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