Other industries

Other Industries

Pollard offers relevant and economic solution for any field of industry where a lubrication pump or diesel transfer pump is needed.

For more than 70 years the Pollard pumps are designed and manufactured in France and are used all over the world.

Pollard has an in-house design office where the positive displacement pumps are designed and developed in close partnership with our clients; the Pollard pumps meet their functional requirements and suit to their hydraulic and mechanical interfaces.

Some examples of Pollard's niche applications : 

  • Bee-keeping, with honey pumps.
  • Catering, with pumps for industrial friers.
  • Solar, with the pumps for heat-transfer fluid.
  • Bio-fuels, with pumps for vegetable oils with additives.
  • Textiles, with fibre-lubrication pumps.
Food Tranfer Unit

- Synthetic materials
- Food product transfering
- Max discharge: 830 L/hour
- Optional extras: metering system

Pumping unit with a thermal motor to feed bees

Self-contained pumping unit with a thermal motor to feed bees out in the open.

Lubrication compact unit

- Self contained unit for machine-lubrication
- Motor-pump installation in either standing or lying position
- Max pressure : 20 bar
- Optional extras: on request

Atex Electric-pump

Atex Electric-pump with packing sealing to transfer chemical products within painting machines.

Coupling of two hydraulic pumps

Coupling of two hydraulic pumps with different flow rates and pressures onto the same electric pump.

Pumps for worn oil within industrial friers

Special pumps used to pump worn oil within industrial friers.

Water plus glycol pumps

Special pumps for water plus glycol, highly silencious and with magnetic coupling, used in the cooling down process of machining tools.

Synthetic materials pump

Discharge from 0.5 up to 680 L/hour.
The full range can be delivered with a dosage unit able to program precisely the volume to transfer.

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